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Welcome Prof. Shi Sun from Changchun Institute of Technology to be committee member!


Prof. Shi Sun from Changchun Institute of Technology, China

Research Area: 

Fluid transfer thermal power engineering

Research Experience:

The research of remote monitoring systems of university building heating network 

The experimental study between inside fluid and outside wall temperature of enclosed container

Experimental study on on-line monitoring of fouling on shell side of tubular heat exchanger

Solve peak load electricity shortage in summer by cold storage

Measure the constant entropy index of gas with vibration method

Spontaneous combustion of raw coal in thermal power plant and countermeasures

Thermal economy comparison of gate anti-freezing methods

Research on residual heat recovery from low temperature dry distillation of coal

Experimental study on distributed frequency conversion heating transmission and distribution system

Study on group control technology of vegetable greenhouse drip irrigation with solar energy

Research on anti-freezing of reservoir gate and dam panel based on mass and heat transfer mechanism

Industrial energy information management and monitoring system

Important Dates

Submission DeadlineMar.16, 2021



Notification Date5 days after submission



Registration Deadline:Mar. 19, 2021



Conference DateMar. 19- 21, 2021


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Changchun Institute of Technology


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